“You guys really pull out all the stops! I thought I was  in a movie, or something, the way your actors and everyone made it all come together at the end was amazing! I will definitely recommend this to my friends to they can be “in” on it too! Great fun for our whole group!” -Samantha M -Visitor From Red Lion, PA

“My wife, had booked a “lost treasure” experience for our family (3 kids, age 10, 12 and 15) while we were vacationing in Gettysburg on the weekend of June 25th.

I wasn’t involved in her setting it up and didn’t know what to expect.  My interest in Gettysburg was the history of the battle, and my wife found and signed up for the adventure with your company as something hopefully fun for the kids so the visit to Gettysburg wouldn’t be just museums and battlefields.

We just got back to Cincinnati from our summer family vacation of 8 days, and our experience with you and your team stand out for me as one of the best moments of our travels this past week.  We had a ball going through your adventure.  I loved seeing my kids mesmerized and really into it.  It was a great family entertainment experience as well as a family bonding experience in that we got to work together to find a solution and experience together.

I highly recommend your adventure to any family visiting Gettysburg that want to see the city but want to mix in some fun in the midst of studying the history.  I think the adventure will be something my kids will remember about this trip into their adulthood.  The family we were paired with had two college aged kids and their family seemed to have as much fun as us.  It probably wouldn’t be as interesting for families with kids younger than about 10, but for anyone with pre-teens, teenagers or even young adults, I highly recommend it.  Your whole team did a great job.  I especially enjoyed “Natasha”; she was exceptional.” -Brad Cincinnati, OH

“Lincoln’s Lost Treasure was a most awesome experience in Gettysburg this past Sunday (June 20, 2010). It was a diversion from all the battle-themed exhibits, into the world of espionage and adventure, with a large dose of comic relief. We even got off of the beaten path a little, and into some shops that we probably wouldn’t have visited if we hadn’t been on our hunt for the Lost Treasure. From the very first moment until the mystery was solved, we were entertained and enthralled. Ours was a group of 6, ranging in age from 8 to 66…and we all enjoyed it! We recommend it to anyone who is looking for something out of the ordinary and fun during their visit to Gettysburg. Take your walking shoes, your sense of adventure and be ready for whatever comes next! Thanks to the developers and all of the folks that we met ‘along the way’ for a great time!” -Jean ,Ohio

“It felt like it was real”

-Natalie From NJ

“I loved the people in our group. The guy playing guitar on the street, the snacks were well timed and the last scene was really good!”

-Ashlan From PA

“The actors interacting with us at diffrnt stops- and the drinks along the way were great.”  “Well done, it was lot’s of FUN!”

-Visitor from PA

“The ending that involved the (REMOVED) was amazing, it was like it was real!”

-Shannon from NJ

“I loved the creativity of lincoln’s lost treasure especially the story line”

-Julius From MD

“I enjoyed how interactive this is and how the whole town seems  to be involved”


“This thing is really FUN and GOOD!”

-Jason from PA

“I liked the actors-lots of energy and fun :) I also liked the snacks thru out!”

-Kat from MI

“At first I was a bit skeptical about a scavenger hunt type thing, but you took it to the next level. It was just like I was on the amazing race on TV, only I was in it. Truly awesome experience. Thanks for a great afternoon .”

-Adam R From York, PA

“Thanks for a great afternoon! This was great. “


“Gettysburg has long needed something like this”


“We’ve lived near town and done the Ghost tours but this is nothing like those, it’s another level. Walking down the street you never really know who was in on it. Great Job Guys this was really great, I’ll tell friends and bring  them next time we have guests from out of town”

-Jake Chambersburg, PA

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