Can I have a group larger than eight?

Sure! We have found our adventure works best with groups of 10, we can break your group into smaller groups, and everyone can enjoy the show at different times throughout the day.

I don’t have eight people, but would like a private group. Is this possible?

Due to our very limited audience space, you must purchase all ten tickets for a given time slot if you want to be in the same group.

I’ve bought a ticket. Why won’t you tell me where the starting point is?

The fun is in the surprises. Everyone likes surprises.

How and when will I find out the actual starting point?

There is this thing called a cell phone (lots of people have one.)  Go get one and keep it on. A day or two before the show, you’ll receive a call with information on where to meet. This is when the show begins. You MUST therefore provide a valid phone number at which you’ll be reachable on the day before the show. If you want to call us our box office can give you our contact information.

My my cell phone is dead, might not get service, or I need to leave a land line number… Can I leave my hotel number?

You can leave a hotel number if you like, or a landline.We’ll call you there.

How Long does This Take?

Typically, 2-2.5 Hours.

When are you shows?

At the moment, Sundays, starting every 30 mins from 12noon-3pm

I’m nervous about buying a ticket and never hearing about the starting point.

Don’t worry so much! Of course you’ll find out the starting point. Trust us on this one - everyone knows the starting point in time.

Lincoln’s Lost Treasure appropriate for kids?

We prefer that 10-15 year olds be accompanied by parents. There are elements of a story that unfold, if you can get into good guys and bad guys, and get into the story, younger children as  young as 6 have REALLY enjoyed our experience. Strollers are ok, some of the shops and business are historic and smaller in size, and you may need to leave the stroller outside.

Can I pay cash for a ticket on the day of the show?

Sorry, in order to experience Lincoln’s Lost Treasure properly all tickets must be purchased in advance.

I’m a Civil War Re-Enactor Or History Buff Is Lincoln’s Lost Treasure For Me?

If you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the fact that portions of our story are fictitious, Sure.

I’m very smart and fast and will win Lincoln’s Lost Treasure. What do I get?

Lincoln’s Lost Treasure is not a race. You’re a winner just for coming. Take your time and enjoy the ride. Don’t be so competitive. Yay you win! See, everyone wins. (Just like Chuck-E-Cheese)

What if it rains? I hate the rain.

Everyone knows that , shady slightly less than legal activities take place in light rain, and are rescheduled in the event of downpours(tcan’t see your hand in front of your face rain) .

Lincoln’s Lost Treasure is no different. In the event of terrible weather (BAD BAD weather) , participants will be informed the morning of the performance and given the option to reschedule for any future date. (Free of Charge) Some of our best shows have happened in light rain….

I’ve lived in Gettysburg my whole life. Lincoln’s Lost Treasure sounds like it’s for tourists. I don’t do touristy stuff.

Lincoln’s Lost Treasure is NOT just for tourists. You may have been to some of our spots before but will see them in a new light.

I’m a tourist with a terrible sense of direction. This sounds like it’s for Locals. Do I need extensive knowledge of Gettysburg?

Lincoln’s Lost Treasure is not just for locals. You will be provided with ample material to find your way around, and you’ll be able to do so without having to ask some weird costumed confederate solder guy for directions.

I can’t stand Scavenger Hunts/Interactive Theater/Walking Tours. How is this different?

Lincoln’s Lost Treasure is a great blend of all three,  (kind of like pizza and ice cream)with all the good parts left intact. There isn’t a tour guide, this is a live experience where YOU are the main character, in a unique story.

I don’t like to learn. This sounds like I’ll be getting a history lesson.

Lincoln’s Lost Treasure will show you places and if you wanna read historical plaques,go for it! Who said history couldn’t be fun?

I like to learn. Will I hear historical information about the Gettysburg sites?

No. our story takes place during modern day Gettysburg, and is great to get the layout of the town.

I understand that I’ll be walking a lot, but I’m very into my shoes and comfortable ones just don’t look good enough on me. Can I wear whatever kind of shoes I want?

Go ahead. We recommend comfortable shoes

I’m not much for all this exciting adventure stuff, but I do like to eat and drink. If I come to Lincoln’s Lost Treasure, will I be full and drunk?

Not unless you eat and drink a ton beforehand. A few tastes of food and a few drinks are included (appetizers & light drinks). If you tend to get dizzy when hungry or are malnourished, you may want to grab a bite beforehand.

I have a really important question but can’t remember it right now.

No problem. Email us info@lincolnslosttreasure.com and we’ll answer your question…

I would like to write an article on this unique adventure for my insanely popular website, print piece, or billboard in Gettysburg. How can I get in touch with you?

Please email us info@lincolnslosttreasure.com  for all such inquiries.

Do I have to sign a waiver? Why?

All participants are required to sign a waiver, copies of which will be available to sign at the start of the show. Participants under 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian at the start  of the show.  While there is nothing dangerous at all about Lincoln’s Lost Treasure, due to the uncontrollable elements of the city around us, all participants must sign.

Do people really read this whole thing?

Yes. You just did.

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