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lincoln-fighting-low-res Our 4th Season! Starts in June runs thru October…join us for the adventure!

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“Lincoln’s Lost Treasure was a most awesome attraction experience in Gettysburg this past Sunday (June 20). It was a diversion from all the battle-themed exhibits, into the world of espionage and adventure, with a large dose of comic relief. We even got off of the beaten path a little, and into some shops that we probably wouldn’t have visited if we hadn’t been on our hunt for the Lost Treasure. From the very first moment until the mystery was solved, we were entertained and enthralled. Ours was a group of 6, ranging in age from 8 to 66…and we all enjoyed it! We recommend it to anyone who is looking for something out of the ordinary and fun during their visit to Gettysburg. Take your walking shoes, your sense of adventure and be ready for whatever comes next! Thanks to the developers and all of the folks that we met ‘along the way’ for a great time!” -Jean ,Ohio

“It felt like it was real” -Natalie From NJ

“I loved the people in our group. The guy playing guitar on the street, the snacks were well timed and the last scene was really good!” -Ashlan From PA

I highly recommend your adventure to any family visiting Gettysburg that want to see the city but want to mix in some fun in the midst of studying the history.  I think the adventure will be something my kids will remember about this trip into their adulthood.  The family we were paired with had two college aged kids and their family seemed to have as much fun as us.  It probably wouldn’t be as interesting for families with kids younger than about 10, but for anyone with pre-teens, teenagers or even young adults, I highly recommend it.  Your whole team did a great job.  I especially enjoyed “Natasha”; she was exceptional.” -Brad Cincinnati, OH

“The actors interacting with us at diffrnt stops- and the drinks along the way were great.”  “Well done, it was lot’s of FUN!” –Visitor from PA

“The ending that involved the (REMOVED) was amazing, it was like it was real!” -Shannon from NJ “I loved the creativity of lincoln’s lost treasure especially the story line” -Julius From MD

“I enjoyed how interactive this is and how the whole town seems  to be involved” -Visitor

“This thing is really FUN and GOOD!” -Jason from PA “I liked the actors-lots of energy and fun I also liked the snacks thru out!” -Adam R From York, PA  



Part Theatre, Part Adventure, Part Mystery. The streets of Gettysburg serve as a backdrop for our unique story, told with  elements of improv theatre and scavenger hunt.  Put on your sleuthing gear, as Gettysburg  becomes a road-map to fun, laughter and suspense. Hired by a wealthy eccentric entrepreneur, you are thrust into a mission that puts you in the center  of a quest to uncover the secret treasure Lincoln Left Behind. Lincoln’s Lost Treasure is  a LIVE two and a half  hour adventure  across the streets of historic Downtown Gettysburg. Almost like stepping into your own action movie,  groups of up to 6 or 8 people are sent on an thrilling and entertaining quest  to uncover a lost secret sparked by President Lincoln’s final breath.   Aided by a few historical artifacts, you are sent off to piece together  hidden clues that can unravel the location to treasury gold that has been lost for over a century.  Encountering eccentric  and engaging cast members, decoding cryptic  clues, and dodging FBI agents out to foil your mission,  You and friends traverse the city’s famous streets, hidden shops and historical landmarks discovering that Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address holds the key to a national treasure. The clues have been kept a mystery  for over 100 years  and now the fun of unlocking them is priceless. Shows run on Sundays Thru October!  

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  1. kelly beam says:

    please send me more info on this thank you

  2. webmaster says:

    Lincoln’s Lost Treasure is a interactive scavenger hunt, in which you are hired by the wealthy investor Andrew Baragee to help him find a secret that has been hidden in the city of Gettysburg for over 100 years! You are joined by others up to 6 people to unravel the clues together, solving puzzles, dodging FBI agents, and meeting with cast members around the city. Its like being in your own movie! You never know whats going to happen next.